Someone's cutting onions in here, right?

Last weekend, we shared an article about a dad who was struggling to find ways to celebrate his 8 year-old's birthday while in isolation. As adults, we (hopefully) understand the importance of spending a few weeks at home to slow the spread of COVID-19, which has already led to six deaths in Idaho. For a child? You can try to explain the pandemic to them the best you can, but to them having their birthday party canceled can feel earth shattering. Quite of few of you chimed in via our Facebook page with great suggestions like setting up a Pirate themed treasure hunt in your own home, taking a piñata out to the backyard and having a living room "sleepover" party with siblings.

One Nampa mom got super creative and reached out to the Nampa Police department to see if they'd be part of a crazy plan she put together for her son, Beckson. Beckson's fifth birthday party was canceled due to the "Stay Home" order so she tried to organize a parade to roll past their house and wish the little boy "Happy Birthday." Not only did the police department to agree to be part of the celebration, they got their friends from the fire department involved too!

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When we saw how excited the officers and firefighters were to be part of Beckson's parade, we couldn't help but tear up. You can watch the adorable celebration in the video below!

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