Seriously, if you're not following the Nampa Police Department on Facebook, you're depriving yourself of a good laugh!

We're not sure what it is about a Kenny Chensey concert that makes country music fans lose their common sense. Case in point? Look at the Pittsburgh, PA. I have quite a few college friends that live there who will post photos of the absolute carnage that happens in the parking lot of Heinz Field every time the superstar is in town. We're talking upwards of 48 tons of trash collected by those left to clean up the tailgate party, over 100 people being treated by medical personnel and just as many arrests for anything ranging from ticket robbery to public intoxication and assault.

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Luckily, when he comes to the Treasure Valley things are a little more chill. We think that may have to do with some words of wisdom from our local law this hilarious traffic alert full of Kenny Chesney puns that the Nampa Police Department posted prior to 2018 show at the Ford Idaho Center.

That post was the first time that we realized someone running the department's social media accounts has a serious sense of humor. Turns out the Nampa Police are known for a social media series called "PSA Wednesdays." Each #PSAWednesday post includes some valuable, informative information and some sort of photo or cartoon that will make you laugh out loud in the middle of the workday. Don't believe us? Here's 10 of our favorite PSA Wednesday posts from NPD.

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