There’s nothing quite like summer in Idaho! It’s nearly impossible for outsiders to wrap their minds around the fact that during the summer months, it really doesn’t get dark until nearly 11 p.m. Virtually endless summer nights by the pool, at the lake, on a patio…we’ll never take it for granted. 

We could, however, do without all the mosquitoes that seem to congregate around where we’re trying to relax. At best, these little buggers are going to make you terribly itchy and leave behind some unattractive red bumps.



At worst? They could expose you to West Nile Virus. Since 1999, Idaho’s recorded at least 1,440 human West Nile Virus cases. 255 of those have been neuroinvasive, meaning they’ve caused serious central nervous system problems like meningitis or encephalitis. Two people in Idaho died from complications due to West Nile last year. 

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The good news? Only six of the 50-ish types of mosquitoes that call our area home are primary West Nile vectors AND there are plenty of ways to try to reduce the number of mosquitoes where you’re hanging out. There are your classic, practical tips like eliminating standing water from your property and using a DEET or other EPA-approved mosquito repellent.  

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You could try planting some of these 11 Idaho plants known to keep mosquitoes away, battle them with a simple oscillating fan or simply change your outfit. 

Photo by Егор Камелев on Unsplash
Photo by Егор Камелев on Unsplash

You read that correctly. A study published by the nearby University of Washington suggested the colors you wear may have something to do with how attracted mosquitoes are to you. In their study, it appeared the mosquitoes started gravitating toward or searching for certain colors after they smelled CO2 in the breath of a potential host. 

Unfortunately, red is one of the colors they LOVE and it’s found in everyone’s skin tone…so changing your wardrobe isn’t a full proof way to avoid getting bit, but it may help! Here’s a look at the colors mosquitoes LOVE and colors they don’t really care for.

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