Mattel's new Barbie, "Moschino Barbie" sold out in a matter of hours when it was first released.  Good for Mattel. Here's where the "Cave Man" in me came out though.  The commercial for "Moschino Barbie" featured a boy.

Official Moschino Barbie Commercial from YouTube

I'm all for blurring a few gender lines, but I'm also for keeping "Chivalry" alive.  This isn't about a few boys who will play with Barbies, which there will be. This commercial is about pushing Barbie on every boy.  It's about facials, waxing, eye liner and skinny jeans becoming the norm for boys.  It's about the US Marine Corp, wearing kilts and lip liner. Well maybe I went a little far on that one, but you can see where I'm going.

Is Mattel being trendy or going too far? Who knows, maybe this is where the world is going, guys being more girlish and girls being girlish.

Kevin Mee

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