Plan ahead this weekend if you live in Meridian because there will be more traffic changes.Yes, this is on top of everything else going on. The Meridian interchange will be closed to all traffic starting Friday at 10 pm until Monday at 5 am. 

Crews will be working continuously on the Meridian Road Interchange over I-84 in order to remove old traffic signals, install temporary signals and pave the connections between the current ramps and the new interchange.

Long story short: Traffic will be tough this weekend.

Meridan Road will be closed between Overland Road and Waltman Drive. I-84 will be open but you won't be able to enter at Meridian Road.

Did you write that down?

Hopefully by Monday, we can get back to our normal of sitting in the traffic on I-84. By the way, does anyone own a plane? I'm thinking that sounds like a great idea.

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