Of all the events happening in Downtown Boise last weekend, there was only one event that had something for everyone! 


Can I be honest with you? It was really, really strange getting up on Monday to do my own hair and everyday make-up after spending the weekend in wigs and over the top face paint. From signing autographs in character for kids to snapping photos with anyone that tapped me on the shoulder, I loved every moment of being dressed up for Wizard World Comic Con! Judging by a lot of the great outfits in the snaps I took, you did too!

This was the first year Wizard World visited Boise and from the rumors I'm hearing, they're hoping to come back in 2019 and expand the event with even more celebs and programming for convention guests. I was able to catch a few panels this year and really enjoyed them!


After hosting the cosplay costume contest at last year's Treasure Valley Comic Con, I became absolutely fascinated with cosplay and what went in to making some amazing costumes.  I don't have the time, patience or skill to sew my own costumes right now, but I really wanted to hear how Boise based cosplayers Alkali Layke and Trix got started so I grabbed a seat at the "Cosplay 101" panel.  In just 45 minutes, I learned a ton! They touched on everything from building props out of foam workout maps, to where to buy quality wigs that can be heat styled again and again to how to build an entire cosplay costume based around an item already based in your closet.  The most important take away from that panel? You are never too old, too big, too small, too anything to get into cosplay.  If you love dressing up, let loose and go for it!

Saturday, I caught the "Trailer Park" panel hosted by YouTube star RealBreakingNate.  The packed room got to check out trailers for the upcoming films Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, Christopher Robin, Wreck It Ralph 2 and Venom. After each trailer, he asked for first reactions to the clip and followed it up by asking who planned to see the movie in theaters.  It was really fascinating to see people make on the spot decisions of whether or not they see the film in theaters on opening weekend, in the cheap seats, when it ends up in the Redbox or will wait for it to be offered on Netflix.


My fiance caved and dressed up with me on Sunday.  By the end of his time at the convention, he was blown away with what a big Comic Con like Wizard World was really like.  His take away was that there was something for every type of nerd offered this weekend.  He used the term nerd lovingly, because every single one of us is super nerdy about something! Wizard World found away to embrace all of those interests and really connect like minded people.  Here's hoping the rumors are true and that they're coming back in 2019!

Until then, check out some of our favorite moments from the weekend, including some really awesome costumes from our LITE-FM winners!

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