If the things we're seeing on social media are an accurate representation of how the Treasure Valley is feeling as we head into the second official week of staying home, there's two types of people who live here.

You've got the people who are taking things very, very seriously and are feeling anxiety each time the number of COVID-19 cases rises in Idaho. Then you've got the people who are probably feeling the same anxiety, but are trying to mask it and process it with humor. To keep our sanity, we fall in to the second group. Apparently so does the person responsible for the City of Meridian's Facebook Page.

They acknowledged that most of us don't have a tape measure ready at a moments notice, so they put together this handy reference guide to help Idahoans better eyeball how far six feet apart really is. This has got to be the most Idaho thing we've seen since some of the great earthquake memes earlier this week.


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