New Year's dieters, look away! Everyone else, we'll see you there next week, right?

Part of me wants to pick-up a few dozen of these for our office because I have co-workers who do "doughnut day" totally wrong. One day a week, we get two dozen donuts for our break room. These heathens wander in when no one's looking, cut one the chocolate or maple bars in half and stick the other half back in the box. Clearly, the donuts we get are too large for them which makes Krispy Kreme's newest creations a much better option for them.

According to USA Today, Krispy Kreme is permanently adding mini doughnuts to their menu. The timing coincides with resolution time so that people who are working toward a healthier lifestyle can still enjoy a mini-indulgence from time to time. That's why they've turned four of their most popular donuts (original glazed, chocolate iced with sprinkles, strawberry iced with sprinkles and chocolate iced glazed) into fun sized treats. The mini Glazed ones are only 100 calories, so if you're going to temporarily fall off your resolution wagon you won't feel too guilty about it.

Want to try one for FREE? Stop into the Krispy Kreme on Eagle Road in Meridian for a Mini Monday Break between 4-7 p.m. any Monday in January and enjoy one complimentary mini donut.

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