With all of the current developments, construction, influx of movers and more there are a lot of growing pains being felt all around the Treasure Valley. The influx of people moving here from out of state has brought the real estate market to an all time high and now the Boise, Meridian and surrounding areas are some of the most overpriced markets in the country. Locals have been upset and speaking out about the changes for years now and have grown louder and angrier over the last couple of years. Now there is a group of local Meridian residents that are passionately speaking out against the development of a nightclub in downtown Meridian.

The nightclub in question is called The Oasis and will be at 3085 E. Ustick Road. The protests against said nightclub have been going on since this summer when a local resident presented a PowerPoint presentation to the Meridian City Council listing out concerns like parking, noise, potential drug activity and more reasons the Council should reject the plans and the club.

According to KTVB, "The owner and original applicant, Brian Tsai, said Meridian needs an event space and music venue. The plan was originally approved by planning and zoning commission however, the club drew heavy opposition and two appeals were filed. Now what was originally planned as a nightclub will be a restaurant, The Dalton Royal, according to Tsai."

The Meridian residents who fought so hard against the club can rest a little easier knowing that it will be a restaurant instead. The Oasis is still a plan for Tsai but he now is forced to look for another location, and most likely he wont try for downtown Meridian again.

Are more situations like this going to stop the future developments from infiltrating the Treasure Valleys current scene?  Most likely not all of them, but a few victories by locals are worth celebrating.

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