After weeks of staying home, we're so bored that we'll give in to the silliest social media trends.

We haven't been able to track down the origin of the original "Quarantine House" game that took off on Twitter, but it's amusing enough for us to waste five minutes on. Each "house" includes an eclectic list of celebrities or dog breeds or pro athletes or get the idea. You're supposed to take a look through the list for each house and post back which house you wouldn't mind riding out the rest of the COVID-19 pandemic with.

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After replying to way more of these posts than we care to admit, we decided to put together our own Treasure Valley themed "Quarantine House" game where each house included a local television personality, superhero, LITE-FM artist, politician or someone in an important public role, local sports hero and comedian.

When we tallied your feed back, one of the houses had far more fans than the others! On overwhelming 59% of our listeners said they'd like to ride out the end of this "Stay Home" order in House #2 with the following local celebrities. Since we're still following the proper social distancing guidelines, you can't actually hang our with them, so we've included their social media information so you can see how they're getting through quarantine!

Maggie O'Mara/KTVB

Dr. Marlene Tromp/President, Boise State University

Leighton Vander Esch/Dallas Cowboys, Former Boise State Bronco

Their celebrity counterparts in this house were Batman, Adam Levine and Ellen DeGeneres.

We loved seeing your rationale behind which house you chose and why! We have to give special recognition to Amber R. who had the funniest comment on our Facebook thread.


Image via Facebook/1079LiteBoise
Image via Facebook/1079LiteBoise

Didn't get to play? Check out houses below and vote where you wouldn't mind being stuck at.


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