Whenever one of the multi-state lottery games has a jackpot that's soaring, we ask the question "what would you do if you won?"

A jackpot like the $1.33 BILLION Mega Millions prize given to a single winner in Illinois is nearly impossible to wrap your mind around. Whenever we ask our listeners about what they would do with money like that, they're a bit flustered at first. Their answers show how down-to-earth Idahoans truly are.

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Most said they would pay off debts like their cars and credit cards. Quite a few said they'd share with friends and family to help them do the same. A handful had a list of fantastic local non-profits they would donate to. But the number one answer across the board was "buy my dream home!"

Cheri Reeves/Engel & Volkers McCall
Cheri Reeves/Engel & Volkers McCall

If you're anything like this author, your dream home really isn't too far from the Treasure Valley. We've always dreamed about having property along Payette Lake in McCall and we may have found the perfect property!

Let's be honest, with a price tag like this? The only way most of us could afford this house is by winning the lottery, but it is truly spectacular! From an IMPRESSIVE wine cellar to two beautiful private beaches, it's your own little piece of Idaho paradise!

McCall's Most Expensive Home Has Two Tremendous Private Beaches

Built in 2002, this incredible home is located on the east arm of Payette Lake (the side with the dirt road.) It costs nearly double the price of the second most expensive home on the market in August 2022.

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Known as "The Seasons," this McCall property is one of the most extreme rental properties we've seen in our favorite lakeside town. Sure, the rental price is high but that indoor pool might just be worth it!

Someone Needs To Rescue and Restore This Deteriorating 107 Year-Old McCall Inn

The Payette Lakes Inn is on the market for the first time since August 2015! Restoring it would be a challenge, but it could be very rewarding!

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