It may seem silly to ask visitors to be kind while hangry, but the city of McCall is serious. The promise to be kind with an empty stomach is just one of fourteen statements that the McCall Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau asks visitors to agree to in 2021 as part of a new initiative called "The McCall Promise."

Gary Ertter

McCall is a popular summer destination for all of us in the Treasure Valley. Last year, so many events and plans were changed or cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This year, many of us are planning to make up for lost time. That means that the number of visitors this year is expected to be even higher than the number of visitors in 2019.

McCall Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau/Chad Case

The McCall Promise is an effort to get all of the tourists on the same page. It's a way of making sure that the attitude that attracted visitors to McCall in the first place is very much intact for the visitors of 2021. With the number of tourists that McCall is expected to see this year, it may prove to be a difficult task.

McCall Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau

The fourteen statements that make up the McCall promise include everything from driving in a friendly way to being cautious with wildlife and campfires, having good manners on the water and restaurants, and being on the lookout for the local legend, Sharlie. Most importantly and possibly the most difficult to achieve is the promise to stay courteous even when you're hangry.

Chad Case/McCall Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau

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