They haven't been named, neither has the school, but two school lunch ladies in Odessa, Texas have been fired for not throwing away food.  The two ladies were taking it home to help feed their kids and help with the family budget.  Everything was fine until someone posted pictures of them walking out at the end of the day with bags of food.

School officials were told about the pictures and fired the women because of it. Federal law requires that workers throw away cafeteria food that isn’t consumed by students. Thus, the district said the women knew it was wrong and fired them.

Here is the basic way the Federal Law reads: “Unopened food that sits on a meal tray for less than an hour can neither be used or donated and is required, by law, to be opened and thrown away.

The FDA encourages schools to donate unused food, but Federal law over-rides that.

Does this happen in Idaho?  Does food get thrown away and kids go hungry?


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