New Restaurant is Open Now in Downtown Boise
You may have noticed the construction and renovation progress downtown, and all of that has paid off for a brand new sandwich shop that's really good at pairing sandwiches with specialty lemonades. After the grand opening yesterday, this is day two.
Superbowl Leftovers
We didn't have a Superbowl party yesterday, mostly because I didn't want to jinx the Bronco's.  Kody our youngest son and I have a game day ritual that we weren't about to break.  The ritual included "Rhodes Rolls" and  no kids at all, zip, zilch,…
Lunch Ladies Fired
They haven't been named, neither has the school, but two school lunch ladies in Odessa, Texas have been fired for not throwing away food.
Tasty New Idea!
You may have heard Kevin and I talking about our new cravings for parmesan fries and gourmet burgers at "The Counter" at the Village in Meridian.   Just in case you haven't been to "The Counter" here's a little sneak peek for you.  (This i…
Tasty Idea for Breakfast & Lunch
About a half mile west of Eagle Road on Fairview Avenue in Meridian you'll find Steve's Cafe serving up a tasty, home style breakfast and lunch menu.   Kevin and I stopped in for breakfast with Steve and found out that "Yes, it really is his cafe" and got the ch…