As the nation debates stricter gun laws, one western city is instituting a gun buy-back program. A gun buy-back program has been used in the towns over the last several years all over the country. The politicians who favor these programs believe that a buy-back program will get more 'dangerous' off the street.  

The city of Salt Lake City, Utah, is sponsoring a gun buy program that will allow folks to turn in their guns for a gift card, reports the Deseret News. Utahans who turn in the weapons will not be asked questions on how they got access to the firearm. It is open to everyone, not just folks from Salt Lake, on a first-come, first-serve basis, according to the Salt Lake City Police Department.

Folks who turn in a gun will receive a $50 gift card, while those who turn in 'assault weapons' will receive a $100 gift card. The gift cards are for gasoline purchases. If you're in the Salt Lake area and want to drop off your firearm, the Public Safety Building is located at 475 South 300 East in Salt Lake City. The police will also accept your ammo, but you won't get a gift card for turning it in.  

Will Boise or Another Idaho City Follow Salt Lake's Example?

An extensive Google search found that there is currently no gun buy-back programs in Idaho. The last attempt at a program was in 2019 that was sponsored not by a city but by a North Idaho man. You can read the details here. 

We will continue to monitor the wire to see if any cities in Idaho will seek to propose such a program.  However, California Governor Gavin Newsome recently bragged that his state will institute the largest gun buy-back program in the country.

As of the time of this publication, we have not heard from Governor Little on whether or not he would support such a program in Idaho.

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Salt Lake City is not the only city in the country to begin a buy-back program.  Several cities from California to Texas have begun to institute similar programs.

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