Multiple shots fired in a church service this morning around 11:30 a.m. and at least 27 people so far are confirmed dead.

CNN reports that the shooter is also dead but it is unclear at this time if he took his own life or police shot and killed him.  We do know that after he went on his rampage at the First Babtist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas he jumped in a car and took off into Guadalupe County which is where he was pronounced dead.

We don't have the exact number of how many people have been injured and the F.B.I. is currently on the scene investigating.

There's very little information to go off of and we will keep you posted as this story unfolds.  As of now we know that a man walked into the church at approximately 11:30 this morning and just opened fired, killing at least 27 and injuring more.

Watch Live Footage below

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