Will you miss horse racing in Boise?  Les Bois Park struggled for awhile, and officially called it quits this week.

It came down to money.  Les Bois Park says without another revenue source, keeping the park open isn't a viable option and they made the decision to "cease all operations" last weekend.

That includes the Turf Club Bar & Grill and Simulcast Facility.  They had already announced last fall that there would be no live racing this season.

Boise Weekly says the financial struggles were at least partially related to the lack of gambling devices at the park. Lawmakers weren't on board with legalizing the machines, which Les Bois Park would have used to supplement revenue.

Three hundred people are out of a job with the closure, but with all the great recreation and sports-related opportunities around the Treasure Valley hopefully a new option comes up quickly for them.

Will you miss the races at Les Bois Park?  Do you think horse racing is a thing of the past?  Let us know on Facebook.

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