Who doesn't love a good cup of coffee to start your day? Ok, there are some people who don't enjoy the beautiful drink that you and I do that helps kick start our day in one million little ways. :) Ok I'm totally kidding if you don't like coffee that's fine no judgment, but for tons of college kids, this stuff is like life juice. Wake up, shower and get their Starbucks, Okay there may be some variation in order but still, it is a big part of many college routines. Well get ready incoming freshman and returning students to BSU a treat is coming your way. 

Cappuccino Culture Threatens Traditional British Breakfast
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Soon, the largest Starbucks coffee shop in Idaho will open on the Boise State Campus. Students and community alike can start to enjoy the tasty beverages come August 18th. The coffee chain that started in Seattle has become a world wide dominator of morning rituals and late nights around college campus including our very own BSU. The new shop will be located inside the Student Union Building and take up a good amount of space. 2,200 square feet of space that is. Folks that whole tons of coffee cups and student who will be rushing to get there favorite drink come this fall.

Boise State v New Mexico
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Read more about the new expansion and addition of Starbuck to the SUB building at BSU on www.boisedev.com So what will this mean for Moxie Java and the other coffee shops that are located on the campus? You'll just have to click and see, and I'll take an iced of what ever your getting. - JD

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