The famous "Smurf Turf" has long been a tourist destination for visitors to the Treasure Valley and a place where many of battles have taken place between opponents of the Broncos. It has seen victories and heartbreaking losses over the years but it's not the only "BLUE" out there. Any guess on how many schools have a version of the famous turf? 

The atmosphere of the #Blue is unlike any other in College Football, and the bug has been picked up by every team that comes to town. The Boise State Bronco's have made 14 consecutive Bowl games, had streaks upon streaks and have created a commitment to winning on the Blue that is unlike any other place in the country. They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, and for the Broncos I'm thinking that the rest of the country may think that color of the turf has something to do with it.

Division III School Luther College out of Decora Iowa are now only the third school to have a blue surface. Boise State and Albertson's Stadium have trademarked the "Blue" a few years back, so if any school wants to change their playing surface to anything similar the approval goes directly to BSU which owns the rights. Coast Carolina changed their green turf to an aqua teal color before the 2015 season.

A recent article on says "Boise State holds a well-known trademark on all non-green fields, regardless of the level of play or sport. Schools or turf manufacturers must approach Boise State for a free license prior to going through with the creation of the field."

Utah State v Boise State
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So any school is open to trying for it, but all roads lead through Boise which is a pretty amazing feeling.  So the real question, will this have any impact on the Bronco's when it comes to recruitment or even with the promotion of the name and notoriety of "The Blue" or even being called the #SmurfTurf? Well, you are just going to have to read the very informative article below.

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