This kind of story can just warm your heart. A Mom from the Treasure Valley is using her talents to give back to our beautiful community. This is why you need to go and check out RoRo's Cookies in Eagle. 

Paying it forward seems to be a cornerstone of the values of residents in the City of Trees. Seeing a need and giving back was exactly what Rose Gerban had in mind when she started RoRo's Cookies Shop. The intention she said was that with all the bad that is happening in the world right now, she just wanted to do something good. And good is exactly what she has done. Gerban bakes handmade cookies and treats and has made it her mission give back to charity. Matter a fact her mission statement is smack dap on the logo of her company "RoRo's Cookies, Paying It Forward"

RoRo came up with the idea a few month's back and didn't really think that the idea of having a home and family business bakery would take off to the extent that it has, but now that it's getting a bit of attention business is booming. The invested and started making cookies, and the dough started flowing in. So much so that after two months of income they took it all and gave it right back to the community. Just like she said she would.

RoRo and her family in June presented the Women's and Children's Alliance with a check for $1,000.  Check out the designs and flavors that RoRo's is putting out. From the plain jane to the Star War's themed these are some out of this world cookies with a real world impact.

Find out more about RoRo's Cookies on line on their Instagram at @roroscookies and Facebook at

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