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Since man first had precious items, or at least NFL collectibles he thought were precious, he needed keys.  Now of course keys are needed for everything, basically because if we don't keep them in our control they will walk off.

Brenda for some reason always wants an extra key and then promptly puts it somewhere safe, then forgets where "Safe" is.  I, on the other hand. never ever lose my keys.  My wallet, bank card, sanity, yes, keys no.  Even when I lock my keys in the car, which I do every once in a while, I know where my keys are.

I'm about to tread into very dangerous territory, but you must go into places where danger lurks.  We are down to one set of keys right now. It's not because Brenda lost her set, it's because she can't remember where she misplaced them. They are probably with the spare key to the Dodge, Old's and the treasure chest we found when we were lost in the Superstition Mountains.

Because we are down to one set of keys (Mine), I'm like a dog on a bone, it ain't going out of my site.  Until we find Brenda's set of keys, we have to use mine to get in and out of our offices, including going to the restroom.  So when we have to leave the office area, in order to get back in we need a key.  So far Brenda has left my key in the break room, on our desk, on the counter next to the front desk and even once in the women's restroom.

I love Brenda dearly, but I can't trust her when it comes to keys and putting things in a safe place because either way, they will be gone either forever or until they aren't ever needed again.

BTW, if you find a key and don't know whose it is, just drop it off at the station.  More than likely it's one we don't need anymore, but at least the mystery will be solved.

Question - who in your house is the misplacer of the keys? I checked and "misplacer" is actually a word. Who would have thunk it.

Kevin Mee