If there's one Boise related account you should absolutely follow on Instagram, it's this one. This is your guide to the greatest food Boise has to offer! Follow for #NOM!

Let's introduce you to Mike aka @boisefoodcritic on Instagram. This is an account I highly encourage you to follow, especially if you're a foodie, especially if you're new to Boise, especially if you're a Boise native (there's no way you've tried EVERYTHING, is there?). Just give him a follow... He goes around town trying all the best foods! From great steaks to enticing treats, your guide to the tastiest food in Boise is just a follow away on Instagram. Let's show you some of the greatness you can find!

Summer time is NOT over, so it's not too late to check out Taste The Snow!

While you're at it, when was the last time you went to Barbacoa for that fillet served on a hot rock. This steak literally melts in your mouth and everyone who came to my wedding ate this. Every. Last. Person.

Before you say "there are no good taco spots in Boise", you owe it to check out Boise Food Critic's page!

Love breakfast? So do I! Find tons of breakfast spots with Boise Food Critic.

Delivery options in Boise? Yes, those are featured too. By the way, have you tried Crave? It's got a rotating menu of fantastic options that's constantly being updated and you're sure to stumble upon greatness. Again, give Boise Food Critic a follow if you want to try something new and tasty!

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