The commercial was originally released in October 2023, but we just saw it for the first time as we started re-watching Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning on Hulu? Chances are if you watch shows on a streaming service with ads, you’ve seen it too! 

The commercial we’re talking about is an University of Idaho commercial highlighting potato research the school does to keep Idaho’s most famous export healthy. The commercial suggests that if worms as thin as a human hair got into Idaho’s potato crops, it could devastate Idaho’s $1.3 billion potato industry.



We’re not sure if they were talking about Potato Tuberworms, which ransacked a potato field in Hermiston, Oregon in 2002, or wireworms. Either way, damage done by these worms makes potatoes unmarketable. They leave behind droppings in the tunnels they make as they eat their way through a potato and those open holes allow other yucky bacteria and fungi into what would’ve been a perfectly good potato. 

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The overarching theme of the ad was that these worms won’t destroy Idaho potatoes while Vandal researchers are on the watch! 

While we feel protected, those worms aren’t the only bugs that could absolutely devastate crops in Idaho. With over 91,000 described types of insects living in the United States, there are other hungry pests that could do some serious damage in the Gem State and that’s why the USDA would like you to help eliminate them if you come across them! 

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The organization has identified a list of invasive bugs called “Hungry Pests” likely to cause the most destruction to crops and trees if their population gets out of control. They say that invasive species like these are already responsible for nearly $40 billion in lost crops and forest production in the United States each year. They’re as vigilant as U of I is, but with so many insects out there, they could use help. 

That’s why they have a “Pest Tracker” page to show you which invasive insects your home state might be a good home for. When you look up Idaho, there are six bugs on the list. That’s good news. Last year it was seven, but they removed the Khapra Beetle from the list. The hairy looking beetle is native to India and can destroy grain.

These are the remaining six you should kill (and report) if you see them!

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