Guys. Can someone be my dental buddy and just not let me talk?

Fact. June brings my tenth anniversary of living in Boise. Fact. That means my last dentist appointment was over ten years ago. I know, I know. I'm terrible, but I've always despised going to the dentist. I can't open my mouth very wide without my jaw popping into a weird position. I have a terrible gag reflex. In fact, the dentist I used to see in my hometown called me "the gagger" every time I came for a cleaning. When I moved to Boise and I no longer had to worry about my parents scheduling appointments and guilting me into actually going to them, I just didn't make it a priority.

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Flash forward to Saturday. Something in the back of my mouth doesn't feel right. Deep down, I knew the pain was being caused my my wisdom teeth who decided to wait until my 30s to show up. After talking to my mom who had a very similar experience when she was my age, I caved and called to make my first dentist appointment in a decade this morning. (Shout out to Dr. Payne at Broadway Park Dental for getting me in just hours after I called! You're now my hero.)

Dr. Payne confirmed my suspicion that my discomfort was being caused by my now very visible on an x-ray wisdom teeth and that our best course of action is to get them out. Mine are so deep, that I'll need to see an oral surgeon who can knock me out for the extraction...which I'm actually very grateful for. With the anxiety I have visiting the dentist, there's no way I could do this awake.

...but now I have a whole new fear! What's going to happen when I wake up and I'm on all those pain meds?! Am I going to be as loopy as the Wisdom Teeth girl who went viral on Ellen YEARS ago?! I say dumb enough things when I'm fully awake and functioning!

I've never had surgery before. I've never been on pain meds stronger than Advil before so I have no idea what to expect. If you've had your wisdom teeth out, what were you like after the procedure! Share your stories so I know what to expect!

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