The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic, presented by CapEd is a very special and very Boise event.  I love that we get to see the majesty of the balloons every year, and especially love the Night Glow. 

The Night Glow is one of the most unique elements of the multi-day Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic.  Tonight, as the sun sets over Ann Morrison Park, a field full of amazing hot air balloons will light the night with their burners going on and off set to music.

It's really incredibly how vivid and intense the colors are with the darkened night sky.  There's food, entertainment, and a chance to see the balloons in a way most people never experience.

Best of all, it's FREE.

Come say hi to us at the station tent, and bring your picnic blanket and camera.  It's truly an amazing event.

Here are some pics I grabbed last year.  I look forward to adding to the collection this year.

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