Boise State researchers are working on ways to continuously sanitize food surfaces, which could be revolutionary for the food industry and squash food-borne illnesses before they get started. It's the first time Boise State has been involved in something like this. 

A grant from the USDA is helping make the ground-breaking research possible. Most of us don't spend too much time thinking about the microbes crawling around on our food because it's gross, but it happens.  Boise State points out that a buildup of microbial biofilms on food processing equipment and surfaces threatens the food industry with pathogens, loss of sales, product recalls, and more. We've heard all about the lettuce and ice cream recalls in the past couple of years, and if those are prevented in the future we might have Boise State to thank.  They're trying to come up with a device that could continuously sanitize food processing surfaces, and it would give food quality and safety a huge boost.

Boise State students were instrumental in helping the USDA grant, which amounts to $150,000 in funding for 18 months to develop a CAP plasma generating system that could get rid of pathogens on food processing surfaces. And then Boise State could apply for more funding to work with the Idaho food processing industry to develop the technology.

The fall semester starts August 20th at Boise State, and it's more than just going to class and getting through tests.  The ripples just might have a big impact on the rest of the country, if not beyond.  Nice work Broncos.

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