Feel Like Idaho has been growing too quickly?  Brace yourself, that trend is going to be continuing as Idaho is set to continue to outpace the nation in popular growth. 

An Idaho Department of Labor economist has created a new forecasting model that, if correct, shows Idaho's population growth at three times the rate of the rest of the nation between now and 2025.

The most striking development of this new system is that most of the growth will come from retirees moving into Idaho.  It's the same appeal we hear from all of these surveys, that weather, cost of living, and natural amenities are appealing.

The new model the economist put together indicates that Idaho will grow at a rate of 15.3% from 2015-2025 and reach 1.9 million residents.  That breaks down to a 1.4% annual growth rate, and that's almost three times as high as the rest of the nation.

You can find more on this in a story from the Spokesman-Review.

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