Excuse us? We can't help but think that we've seen this somewhere before.

On Wednesday afternoon, Heinz Ketchup created a Twitter poll that doubled as an announcement of one of it's newest products, Mayochup.  The ketchup maker describes the newest product as a signature blend of their world renowned Heinz Ketchup and their Heinz Real Mayonnaise. If they can get 500,000 yes votes through that poll, they say they'll release the product on store shelves across the United States. Right now, Mayochup is only carried by retailers in the Arab Gulf states.

While there seems to be a great deal of interest from Twitter users, Idahoans scratched their heads and said "You mean you're making Fry Sauce? You're late to the party."  About 70 years late.  Fry sauce was originally created by Salt Lake City based Arctic Circle in the 1950s and became the unofficial state condiment in Idaho shortly after since we are the hot bed of everything french fry and potato.

When Heinz was called out by users for doing something that's been around since for decades, they playfully sparred back.  When told that it was called fry sauce and that they need to get it right, Heinz responded "But what if we put it on a burger?" Idahoans know that it's still called fry sauce even when it's on a burger!

Do you want to see the ketchup giant get into the fry sauce business? If you do, go ahead and vote in their Twitter poll! If you rather leave it up to the experts in Idaho, either vote no or abstain from having an opinion!

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