Ever wake up thinking "life would be so much easier today if someone just handed me $50."  Today may be that day! Over 800,000 Idahoans might have money waiting for them in an unclaimed property database! 

According to KTVB, that amounts to almost half of all Idahoans.  The State Treasurer's Office wants people to know there's more than $120 million in the database.  The money comes from checking accounts, stocks, bonds, items left in safety deposit boxes, etc.

About 20,000 Idahoans claimed their money in the last 365 days. Want to join that number? Visit this website, put your name in the box and see if anything is waiting for you!

I came up empty, but the website said my boyfriend had $100+ in unclaimed property waiting for him.  We submitted a claim and are waiting to see what happens next!