Some people expect to come out of quarantine with new skills, a jump start on their new side hustle or more knowledge. We admire those people...but we're totally ok with saying the only thing we achieved was finishing several TV series.

However, if that's the only thing we have to show for ourselves whenever Governor Little gives us a thumbs up to resume a more regular way of life, it sure would be nice to make a little cash off of doing it, wouldn't it?

Enter with your new dream job! The entertainment company is looking for up to five lucky people to binge watch every episode of their favorite TV show, post about it on social media and cash in a $2,000 paycheck. That's right, if you're lucky enough to get the job YOU get to pick the TV show YOU watch!

They'll even help make it possible by giving you a one-year subscription to your streaming service of choice, a comfy blanket to wrap yourself up in, a $100 Grubhub gift card so you're not distracted while cooking, candy, treats and popcorn.

If Idaho's "Stay Home" order has taught you that you were born for this job, you have until next Monday, April 20 to apply by clicking HERE!

Not sure what to watch? We suggest picking something that features our hometown hero, Aaron Paul! Here's how much you'd make per hour watching Boise's own and which streaming service currently includes the shows with a subscription:

  • Breaking Bad: $39.52/hr (Netflix)
  • The Path: $55.56/hr (Hulu)
  • BoJack Horseman: $62.50/hr (Netflix)
  • West World: $69.13/hr (HBO Now or Hulu with HBO add on)

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