Idaho is a great place to live as more and more folks continue to discover our great state. Some Idahoans believe our official state motto should be "welcome to Idaho, how America used to be." The Gem State is blessed with a large geographical footprint. You can snow ski and golf without traveling thousands of miles on the same day.

Like everything in life, Idaho is not perfect. If you had a magic wand, what would be the five improvements you would like to see in our state? Thankfully, we won't have to lobby the legislature since their session ended last week.

Idaho's 5 Problems That Need To Be Solved Now!

A look at five nonpartisan issues that would increase the quality of life in Idaho.

10 Scrumptious Idaho Food Festivals You Can't Miss in 2022

One of these was recently named one of the best food festivals in the entire country! Scroll through to find out which one and when to mark your calendars!

Cities With the Worst Commutes in Idaho

We jumped into the US Census's American Community Survey Data for 2016-2020 to determine which cities had the longest commutes and in which cities you're most likely to be behind the wheel for more than an hour.

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