A Nampa Road Re-Opens After Massive Sinkhole
It's really amazing how quickly crews in Nampa were able to fix a stretch of road in the area of Idaho Center Boulevard and I-84 after a sinkhole shut down the road on Friday. And they do know what caused the sinkhole.
Slow Idaho Drivers Can Get a Ticket for Doing This
Speeders and aggressive drivers might be the obvious ones to get traffic tickets, but officers are also looking for slow drivers. Those folks will get a ticket in a certain situation. This is the one time that speeding up can actually help you avoid a citation.
Lessons Learned By ACHD
This winter, the Treasure Valley was hit hard with repeated snow events that required the plowing and removal services of ACHD.  What lessons have been learned from that?
Idaho Rock Slide
If you have a nice leisurely road trip planned for the weekend, the last thing you want to happen upon, is rows and rows of stopped traffic because of a rock slide.
Here's how to avoid it.
Help Find Potholes
Maybe you saw the article this week that highlighted how much money we spend each year on pothole-related problems.  Potholes are a huge problem all over the country, causing dents, scrapes, and flat tires.  If you know of a pothole in Boise that needs to be fixed, here's ho…

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