In an effort to address concerns and gather public input on the proposed modifications to State Highway 16 (SH-16) between Sh-44 and SH-52, the Idaho Transportation Department has announced two public meetings scheduled for Monday, December 4th, in Ada County, and Wednesday, December 6th, in Gem County.

These meetings, to be held at Eagle Christian Church in Eagle and Emmett High School in Emmett, respectively, will run from 4:30-7pm. During this time, community members will be allowed to drop in at their convenience, review the plans, and provide their insight.

According to the recent release from ITD, Mark Wasdahl, ITD Project Manager, emphasized the importance of community involvement in the decision-making process, stating, "We look forward to sharing the range of modified improvement plans with the community and receiving their feedback. Their input is very important to the reevaluation process and will help us moving forward."

The proposed modifications that will be reviewed include an environmental reevaluation, updated traffic and crash data information, and a modification to the 2005 preferred alternative. Initially, this project started back in June 2023, and it's slated for completion in 2025. ITD has engaged with various state and local agencies, as well as property owners, to address concerns and share information about the project.

For those unable to attend these in-person meetings for the community, there will be online meeting options available for locals from December 7th to December 21st. Click here for more information. Members of the community are encouraged to visit the project's official webpage and participate in the upcoming modifications and future plans for State Highway 16.

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