The Idaho Freedom Foundation must be doing something right. The nonprofit conservative think tank has not only gained the attention of Idaho's largest news outlet, KTVB, but now a story attacking its motives and credibility in the Idaho Press.  

If you're involved in Idaho politics, you're familiar with the Idaho Freedom Foundation. The group has successfully held politicians accountable for their votes during the legislative session over the years. They spend the time researching important issues and publish articles detailing proposed legislation's merits or mistakes.  

Earlier this year, KTVB aired a multi-day series covering the group. The teases promised viewers an inside look at the IFF. The series aired, and there were no earth-shattering revelations. Although, KTVB did give a large amount of air time to the critics of the IFF because they didn't like the group rating their legislative votes on a report card.  

The IFF and KTVB anchors/reporters spent most of the night going back and forth on Twitter. (I've always wondered why a serious journalist engages with people on Twitter?)  This week an article in the Idaho Press was highly critical of the IFF's view of journalism within Idaho. The report defended the state of journalism in Idaho. The article's tone was defensive, as if journalists are worried about what anyone, including the IFF, thinks of their work? 

You can read the article here and the IFF's response here.  

The perspective of most Idahoans is that the state has tilted left when it comes to media coverage. Does anyone recognize who works at KTVB anymore? Gone are the days of Dee, Carolyn, and Mark. They've been replaced with 'gotcha journalism,' which may work in Seattle and Portland but not in Idaho.  

Idahoans may expect CNN to ambush our lieutenant governor, but not KTVB. If a journalist truly wants to make a difference in our community, I'd suggest reading the Idaho Statesman. Sure, we've got the angry liberals in the editorial department. However, their recent articles on families living in cars due to excessive rents were riveting.  

Back to the Idaho Freedom Foundation, their enemies don't like them because they hold officials accountable. The media doesn't like them because they are responsible; it sounds like they must be doing something right. 

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