The much-talked-about Boise Pride Festival has ended. The weekend featured many Boise politicians participating in the event. We reported here how the Boise City Council declared its support on Saturday.

The event was a point of controversy for a few reasons. The Idaho Republican Party stated that the teen drag show was canceled as event organizers dealt with sponsors removing their support. Boise did not have an official event remembering the September 11th attacks on our country. Many patriots and veterans were disappointed that the loss and sacrifices of Nine Eleven were not honored.

Let's take a look at the reaction to Boise Pride through the lens of social media.

We begin with Boise Mayor Lauren McLean who was dressed for the occasion in pink.

Followed by the Boise City Council.

Local government officials.

Protestors and Counter Protestors.  

  The dancers.  

  The Catholics.  

  Governor Andrus  

  Boise Police Chief Lee.  

  And one more dancer.

  Wouldn't it be nice if Boise showed the same passion towards honoring America?

A look at last week's Pride Fest

Could Boise show the same passion for America?

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