It's 5 o'clock somewhere, right?

Last week, I stumbled across a statistic that the sale of orange juice in the United States has jumped 38% in the past month. Some people think it's because people want to drink more Vitamin C in an attempt to boost their immune system. I have a different hypothesis. Very few of us would pour ourselves a mimosa in our actual workplace, but working from home? That blurs the lines of when it's ok to have a drink during work hours.

Several of our most loyal listeners have admitted to having a glass of wine, can of beer or a cocktail during work hours and then asked if it was ok. We're not here to judge, but we can tell you that you're not alone if you've had a drink "on the job."

According to a new survey from, the Gem State is among the top states swapping coffee for alcohol now that we're working from home. Hawaii leads the way with 67% of employees admitting they've had a drink while they're supposed to be working from home. Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Virginia all have at least half of their residents admitting to a cold one. Then comes Idaho. We tie Kansas and Iowa at 47% of our employees admitting to imbibing during work hours while we're in the "home office."

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