It turns out beer can make both the drinker and the brewer pretty happy.

One Boise brewery continues to rake in the honors, just recently picking up the most awards at a prestigious Idaho awards show.  And they weren't alone with the honors.  Check out which other Boise breweries earned medals too.  

Thirsty?  Even if you're a wine or spirits drinker, you might want to high five these local guys that really know what they're doing with the brews.

Sockeye Brewing brought home two golds at the 2016 North American Brewers Association North American Beer Awards at Sandy Downs in Idaho Falls, and Boise Weekly says there were over 1500 breweries going for awards.  Sockeye earned gold for its Sockeye Maibock and Power House Porter, winning in the Traditional Bock and Brown Porter categories.

Congrats to Boise Brewhouse, Edge Brewing Co., Ram Restaurant & Brewing, Boise Brewing and Woodland Empire Ale Craft for the wins too.  There are more winners HERE.

It's a fun summer!  Congrats local brewers, and thanks for the great contributions to our back yard barbecues.

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