If you love craft beer, you certainly live in the right part of Idaho. Over the last decade, the number of microbreweries in Boise has exploded. There’s something unique and special about each of them, but only one can say they’re the oldest microbrewery in the city. 

Facebook/Highlands Hollow Brewhouse
Facebook/Highlands Hollow Brewhouse

Only one establishment can say that and it’s Highlands Hollow Brewhouse on Harrison Hollow Lane.  Established in 1992, they’ve been serving thirst-quenching beers like Spoon Tongue, Hippie Shake and Berry Good Wheat in the North End for 30 years. But if you stop in after your hike, run or bike ride from July 27-August 3, you’ll find the doors locked. What gives?! Highlands Hollow can’t be the next restaurant to join the list of businesses to close their doors in 2022, can they?! 

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The brewhouse explained why they're closed via Facebook this week. A gratitude-filled message from Highlands Hollow Brewhouse co-owner, Laurie Davidson Day and general manager Megan Jones, revealed that after a long search, the family-owned business is changing ownership.  According to the post, they’ve found another local family that will carry on the traditions and culture that have made the brewhouse a local icon. 

The restaurant is temporarily closed for maintenance and to allow for a successful transition between owners. When they reopen, you’ll see familiar faces and that’s because the new ownership is keeping the staff and operations the same. 

In the message, Megan and Laurie expressed their gratitude to the Hollow staff, customers, vendors and neighbors that have made the last 30 years an awesome and wild ride. It’s no surprise that they got that love right back from loyal patrons, organizations they’ve supported and other local businesses. 

Facebook/Highlands Hollow Brewhouse
Facebook/Highlands Hollow Brewhouse

The building itself was one of the three Brass Lamp Pizza & Ale House locations in Boise. According to the Hollow’s website, there is some serious Bronco history in their rafters. The exposed wooden rafters are actually parts of the original Bronco Stadium that was eventually replaced by the concrete Albertsons Stadium that we know today. 

We're SO GLAD that it will be business as usual at one of Boise's most iconic beer destinations and hope that the former owners will get to enjoy the rest that they so very much deserve after spreading so many smiles over the years!

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