There's a fun feeling around Boise today.  The excitement for the BSU home opener at Albertsons Stadium in hours.  I will proudly cheer for BSU the rest of season, but not tonight. 

I know, I know, it's hard to cheer for any other team than BSU when you're in Boise (just ask my Vandal friends).  There is an energy and excitement that is infectious, the team has been getting better and better, and it's hard not to get caught up in it.

That is, unless you went to WSU and cheer on your Cougs through the good and bad.  The bad would include a terrible performance last week, so we're hoping to turn things around this weekend.  So that is the problem.  My team from my own college experience is playing my hometown team.

I wouldn't be loyal if I moved my allegiance just because I live in the Treasure Valley now, so this weekend only, I'm cheering for WSU to defeat the Broncos.  I'll be back on the BSU bandwagon next week (and I'll admit, I think BSU will likely emerge victorious).

Have a great time if you're going to the game tonight.  Should be a lot of a fun!

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