I-Phone users found out yesterday (1/28/2016) that Facebook just unveiled the ability to put live streaming on their update.  Facebook users can access the new feature by tapping the “Update Status” box at the top of their News Feed, which will reveal a new icon for live video. You have the ability to put a description or title on it if you want.  Something like "idiot thinks his life is what everyone wants to watch" or "Kardashians, the end of civilization as we know it."

The number of a stream’s live viewers, the names of friends watching, and a real-time stream of comments will all be visible during the broadcast. These streams are also saved to a user’s Timeline just like any other video.

Now let's add to this the latest rumor that the I-Phone 7 will have a 3D camera, we could soon have live streaming with depth.  It's a rumor, but imagine actually seeing just how big the backside of a Kardashian really is.  You know as well as I do, as soon as these merge, it will be a Kardashian nightmare.

I-Phone users get your live streaming out now before the media mavens (I had another phrase for them but decided not to use it) take over Facebook.  On the other hand with the live streaming, those people who are basically Facebook Fakes won't be able to hide it anymore. You know the ones, claiming to be 22, they live in some incredible place, drive the car you can only dream of living the life you would love to live. But in real life they're 13, live at home, have severe acne and are masters of W.O.W.

This live streaming on Facebook could have some benefits.