Is it just me or does it seem like the past week has been full of freebies or deep discounts at Treasure Valley restaurants?

With Back-to-School season getting closer, you know you're about to drop a small fortune on new clothes and supplies so we're sure you don't mind saving some cash wherever you can!  Well, you were thinking about Chipotle for lunch today and you're used to adding guacamole to your order, there's a way for you to add it for FREE!

The restaurant is celebrating National Avocado Day by allowing about costumer who places their order through the Chipotle app or website today to add some of the green stuff at no additional cost! When you check out online, just enter the promo code "AVOCADO" to take advantage of the deal!

The downside? It's not available for orders placed in the restaurant.  The upside? If you order online, you get to skip the line and go straight to chowing down on that burrito, tacos or salad!

Free guac might not sound like the biggest discount in the world, but Simplemost did the math.  If you answer yes to the "guac is extra, is that ok?" question twice a week over the course of a year, you're spending an extra $200 on guacamole a year! That sounds INSANE when you say it out loud, so take advantage of this great deal!

Chipotle has locations in Boise, Meridian and Nampa.

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