If you live in Idaho, you know that it gets cold here. When it gets cold, you naturally want to pile on the layers and go play in the snow! 

For many of our friends and neighbors, that means hitting the slopes at Bogus Basin, Brundage, Tamarack or one of Idaho's other amazing ski areas. But for you? Maybe you're a little more like us. You're uncoordinated. Your ACL started to ache at the very thought of getting on skis. You might actually fracture something just by sliding your feet into snowboard boots.

You truly believe the only place you belong on the mountain is on the tubing hill and there's absolutely no shame in that because Idaho is home to some really epic ones!

Just how epic? Well, we judged that by the length of each run! Bogus Basin's tubing hill is probably the most well-known in our area, but it's not the longest run in the state. When rolling through the rankings, you'll discover that the longest tubing run in the state is an even short drive from Downtown Boise.

Just how long is it and how much does it toppe #2 by? Read on to find out!

7 of Idaho's Most Epic Snow Tubing Adventures Ranked Shortest to Longest

If you measure a tubing hill's "epicness" by how long the run is, these are the best of the best in Idaho!

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