Imagine that hardcore workout where you can barely move afterward.  You're out of breath, legs are jello, and dying doesn't sound so bad for at least a few minutes.  Now imagine stepping over to the counter and ordering Peanut Butter Chocolate ice cream.  Oh yeah, it's happening.

The Idaho Statesman broke this story this morning and I'm so glad they did because I'm an eater and I want to grub me some treats sometimes.

Killer Whey is a company started right here in Meridian, Idaho that produces different delicious forms of ice cream that's healthy to eat and still taste great.  Right now their office is at the back of a gym on Overland Road in Boise.  They've recently gone national and online orders are filing in as well.  Delivering the ice cream with dry ice keeps your treat frozen and delicious.  You can also find this product in Albertsons and WinCo.

Fit Donut has a shop that just opened next to Crunch Fitness on Fairview in Meridian and we're starting to see this product popping up in Idaho gyms everywhere as well.  Fit Donut along with Killer Whey say they both want to be where bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, healthy eaters, folks on low-carb diets and/or those living with diabetes or other conditions with unique dietary needs are.  These people are their clients and that is where you'll find these delicious options to cheating on your diet.

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