The Easiest Healthy Treat Ever
When you find a treat that everyone in the family likes and it's healthy, you run with it. This is one of those snacks, and it's so versatile you can change it up to make it as unhealthy as you want.
Eating Healthy Stinks
We make a dish with ground beef, cheese and potatoes that we call GLOP.  It got that name because the kids when they were little decided that was the sound it made when it hit the plate.  We've never had leftover GLOP unless you manage to get some set aside right after it's made.…
Brenda's 80/20 Rule
I have an 80/20 rule that I live by.  I try to do all the healthy stuff like eat right and move around about 80 percent of the time.  The other 20 percent I use for a little indulgence.  I also try not to over think the whole healthy eating thing...
400 Moms
Thursday’s show is another edition of “Ask An Expert” as I welcome Jill West.  She is an accomplished speaker, author, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Certified Health Coach and Mom of 3 boys.
We will be talking about her book 400 Moms……