For those of us who love to engage in social hobbies, 2020 will go down as perhaps the most boring year in history. 

Raise your hand if you're one of those folks who primarily pays rent or mortgage for the sole purpose of having a place to lay your head down at night. Prior to COVID-19, you had some place to be every night of the week. Then you were told to stay home and stay away from people. All of a sudden, you had a ton of extra time at home and no idea how to fill it.

I'm right there with you. My two favorite hobbies are running and cosplay. With all of my races canceled, I was uninspired to get off the couch for a run or home workout. With all of the Comic Cons I had planned for canceled, there was no reason to put on any of my costumes. With those options out of the picture, I was BORED as soon as the workday was over.

Many of you felt the same way and turned to the oracle that is Google to help find you a new hobby that would fulfill that void in your soul...or at least, you know keep you busy. If the hobby you settled on was some sort of DIY project like knitting, making masks, mixing your own hand sanitizer, beading jewelry or scrapbooking, congratulations! You took part in the most popular quarantine hobby in Idaho.

Recently, Go.Frontier took a deep dive into the new hobbies that people picked up during quarantine. They determined that based on Google searches the most popular quarantine hobbies in America fell into five categories: TV series and films, home workouts, games, DIY and reading. 35% of states became couch potatoes and shamelessly binged watched a multitude of content, including Tiger King. DIY projects were a far less popular choice, as Idaho was one of only five states where those searches ruled Google. Reading was the least popular quarantine hobby with just Vermont and Maine choosing to snuggle up with a good book.

If you DID pick-up a DIY hobby, we want you to show it off! Feel free to drop a picture in the comments section of this post on our Facebook page or send it to us using the LITE-FM mobile app after you download it in the box below!

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