They say that when you park between trees facing the cemetery you'll see a "Midnight Jogger" that'll come over and tap on your car window.  


The "Midnight Jogger" is a she, not a he and apparently she has no legs and just kind of hovers.  Whoah!  Pretty bold statement to say that she comes all the way over to your vehicle and taps on the window instead of just some fuzzy fixture in the distance that may or may not be a ghost.


The Canyon Hill Cemetery is at 2024 North Illinois Ave in Caldwell and there's more than just the "Midnight Jogger" that has people freaked out.  How about the old lady that just sits on the bench after hours when everyone has left.  We're not talking about 6 or 7 o'clock at night, we're talking about way late when it's dark, quiet, and very creepy.  A lot of people say they've looked away for a second and when they look back, she's gone.


The Canyon Hill Cemetery goes all the way back to the early 1800's and has murder victims, suicides, and every other kind of sad situation you can think of.  One lady is buried next to her five children.  They all drove off a cliff and plunged into the water below and of course, none of them made it.


Other reasons people think the cemetery is haunted are the obvious drop in temperature the second you set foot on the cemetery grounds.  Or that strong odor that nobody can quite explain.  And it seems that everyone that enters late at night, alone, always has that creepy feeling of someone else being with you... watching you.


The video below shows what looks to be like an invisible type person / ghost / whatever jogging through the cemetery.  This paranormal has legs so it must be different than the woman jogger others have encountered.


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