As Boise and the Treasure Valley's Official Christmas Music Station, it's our duty to tell you if there's a wine that pairs perfectly with the big city CEO going back to her tiny hometown to save Christmas and reconnect with her high school sweetheart!

Earlier this year, Hallmark Channel unveiled two Christmas wines: Jingle and Joy. Jingle is a 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon that gives you notes dark chocolate, cherry, and holiday spice. Joy is a 2019 Sauvignon Blanc has notes of tropical fruits, white peach, and ripe pineapple.

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When they were originally introduced, we thought the only way to get them in Idaho was to buy one of the two, four, six or twelve packs shipped here. While the wines themselves are quite affordable, the shipping to get them to Idaho was well...pricy!

I had added some to a cart during pre-orders but never checked out. For the past week, I've gotten an e-mail every other day offering me a discount code to complete my order. I was THIS close to pulling the trigger until I ran to the fancy Albertsons on Broadway yesterday afternoon.

I went into the store with the mission of finding the Bud Light Seltzer Ugly Sweater pack. I came up short, but as I was walking through the seasonal beverages a certain bottle caught my eye! It was a cute white wine bottle with a snowman on it! After a double take, I realized it was the Hallmark Christmas wine! Right below it was the red, Jingle!

I'm a red gal myself, so I bought the Jingle and LOVE it! Just wanted to pass on the news to fellow Hallmark movie and wine enthusiasts!


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