We've said it time and time again. Whoever is responsible for the Nampa Police Department's social media accounts needs a raise for keeping us laughing!

Earlier this year, we introduced you to a social media series that the Nampa Police Department does on a fairly consistent basis. It's called PSA Wednesday. The posts usually include some valuable, informative information and a meme that will make you spit your coffee out on your screen because they're so funny.

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Just when we thought that their social media posts couldn't get any funnier, enter Officer Coal! On Black Friday, he arrived in a box of donuts that Santa sent to the department with a message that read "DONUT worry, I've sent extra help this year. Meet Officer Coal. When he arrives safely at Nampa PD, he'll know what to do to help keep an eye on the HOLE department this Christmas Season. HO HO HO! <3 Santa"

Inside that box of donuts was the department's very own scout Elf on the Shelf. Every day, they've been posting photos of what Officer Coal has been up to at the station as he undergoes his training from more experienced members of the force. Their photos have been really great and kept us laughing!

If you're running low on inspiration for YOUR scout elf tomorrow, check some of out some of their posts. Many of them contain good reminders that you can share with your kids!


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