It’s been three years since the COVID-19 pandemic began and it’s hard to believe that we’re still walking into grocery stores and seeing empty shelves. 

Three years later, we’ve moved beyond panic-buying toilet paper, bottled water and disinfecting wipes, but wandering through the aisles at your local Albertsons, Fred Meyer, WinCo or Walmart still hasn’t gotten back to normal. There are days when you walk in and think to yourself “what does everyone else know that I don’t” when you see a certain product completely wiped out. 

Over the summer and fall months, the shortage that probably stressed us out the most was the tampon shortage. Luckily, that seems to have gotten better! 

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The Daily Meal recently published its list of “13 Food Shortages to Expect in 2023.” You’re probably not surprised that eggs are on that list. Prices of eggs here in the Treasure Valley are already starting to climb to compensate for the lack of supply. Lettuce, oranges, beer and cooking oil are all predicted to be in shorter supply as the year goes on, too. 

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media
Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media

Armed with their list, we hit a Boise Albertsons to see if we noticed any signs of those shortages. We really only saw one of their predictions already coming true but did stumble on some eye-raising shortages that they didn’t mention. 

Have you noticed these during your shopping trips? What other items are you having a hard time finding?

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