Brenda and I are going on a live ghost hunt/paranormal investigation Halloween night, starting about 10pm and you will be able to see it live. We will be investigating the "Owyhee Bowling Alley."  The broadcast will be done on "Periscope."

We've been on a few ghost hunts as I call them, and we've had some moments that are flat out hard to explain.  Over the next few blogs, I'm going to share some of our ghostly experiences.

I had a buddy at Axiom.  We would run into each other at least 3 to 4 times a week.  His name was Joe, a big guy who loved weight lifting.  He worked as a nurse at the V.A.  The first time I introduced myself to him, I had to ask if he was mad at someone, he said "no, why?"  I told him he just looked like he was pissed off.  He laughed and told me he had heard that one before.  From that point on we became friends.

Joe had an inoperable Aneurysm that made it so he had to keep his blood pressure down, so he couldn't do much in the way of running, but if he kept track, he could lift weights.  He knew the aneurysm could blow at anytime and the doctors didn't like him working out, but it was what he loved doing. He couldn't imagine a life just sitting around getting fat. It wasn't him.

During the summer I ride bicycles quite a bit, so I only get into Axiom maybe a couple times a week and that was the case over the summer of 2013.  I would get in a few days and while I was working out, see Joe across the gym. Usually Joe and I would talk for a few minutes during the workout. That summer, however, he never came over to where I was.

This went on  all summer, me going in, seeing Joe across the gym, but when I went to talk to him, he wasn't there. I kept thinking this was really strange, especially since we always made a point of talking with each other.

It wasn't until the end of summer, when I was going in more that I ran into a couple of friends who asked why I wasn't at Joe's funeral.  I told them "ha ha, funny." I had just seen him the day before. They looked at each other and then told me it was impossible since he had died two months before.

It was true, Joe had been dead a couple of months and yet I'm sure I had seen him in the gym.  Maybe it was him still working out, maybe it was him trying to say something to me from across the gym, but I do know I saw him.

I keep looking for Joe now, but haven't seen him since I found out he had passed. Goodbye bud, hopefully you're enjoying a good lift in the great beyond.

Care to share your story?

Kevin Mee